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Relationships Build Business.

ConneX Builds Relationships.

What's INSIGHT ConneX?

INSIGHT ConneX is about business networking in Baltimore, built on the premise that better relationships result in more business. Since 2017, the people at our ConneX Partner companies have been getting to know each other professionally and personally through a year-round schedule of networking and social events, and they do more business together as a result. The INSIGHT ConneX platform is built around three recurring events:

ConneX AM

Our flagship events, attracting more than 200 professionals for breakfast, networking, enlightenment and inspiration from a guest speaker. These events are focused on Baltimore and Maryland.

Xecutive Social

Partners-only events, held in advance of ConneX AM. A chance to spend an evening deepening relationships with fellow Partners, often attended by the ConneX AM guest speaker as well. 

ConneX Connects (C2)

C2 events are usually held in the morning in alternate months, and they’re all about business development. Pitch contests, business speed dating, and a variety of formats to keep skills sharp.

Where Business Is Personal

INSIGHT ConneX is category-exclusive and designed to foster lasting relationships. Our Partner companies seek to do business with each other first.

ConneX Partners say:

“We joined ConneX six years ago as a Founding Partner and first member. Since then, we have developed deep relationships and shared amazing experiences with so many great people. These relationships have made a positive impact on our business, and at ConneX, business is personal!”
Chris McDonell
President & CEO, McDonell Consulting Group / Sandler Training
“The real power of INSIGHT ConneX comes from the depth of the relationships we develop with other business leaders. It goes so far beyond what we’re used to from typical networking events. In the ConneX community, business really is personal.”
Tony Gruebl
CEO, Think
"ConneX has been great for our business. We have been introduced to many wonderful people, and have had a lot of success in getting new orders! It's definitely worth it. "
Mike Cornblatt
Marketing Director, Jimmy's Famous Seafood
"INSIGHT ConneX is a great way to forge new business relationships and opportunities in a very friendly and casual atmosphere. The breakfast events afford us the opportunity to listen to interesting and relevant speakers and connect with fellow members of the group."
Mark Cissell
Chairman of the Board, KatzAbosch
"INSIGHT ConneX has proven its value over and over again for us. We have gained clients, become clients, and most importantly, built strong, long lasting relationships. The Partners genuinely care for each other and want to see each other succeed not only professionally, but personally as well."
Dan Workmeister
EVP/ Director of Sales, RCM&D

Founding Partners

Premium Partners


Learn More About INSIGHT ConneX

Ready to talk about becoming part of the ConneX Partner family? Contact us to see if there’s an opening in your industry.

The September ConneX AM is powered by Consolidated Insurance and features former Baltimore Raven Matt Birk! Join us on Thursday, September 15th! See a ConneX Partner for tickets.